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Shannon Mims is a New York City-based visual artist who works in a variety of media including pen and ink, photography, graphic design, and original jewelry. A diversely accomplished artist, Shannon is also highly service-oriented, teaching art and mentoring students. 






"My artistic style can be seen as similar to a relief printing technique. Styling in only black and white plays an integral role in the overall composition of my art. Social and political issues heavily influence a lot of my subject matter."  





"The theme of protest music completely resonates with me. It serves as a voice for a social or political movement that makes an impactful statement without violence."





"Anything that involves the five senses involves a relationship among the senses to each other. A visual artist uses sound to create in the same way a musician uses sight to write music." 






"I love working in black color pen ink. There is something about color that can distract and take away from the subject of my art. Many themes in my work address topics revolving around mental health—a topic that I feel needs to be spoken about more. I find that taking the color out of my work lets the subject speak for itself, and allows me to become more raw and honest as an artist."





Shannon Mims

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