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About Hiedra



Hiedra Magazine is a peer-reviewed literary and arts publication that focuses on Spanish, Latin American, and US Latino contexts. The name Hiedra is derived from the Spanish word for “Ivy,” which evokes a sense of natural, organic growth that expands outward from a single plant to cover vast areas. This idea captures the role that Hiedra Magazine envisions for itself in expanding literature, visual arts, academic works, and other forms of artistic expression.


Hiedra Magazine was also born in order to contribute to the recovery of the form of cultural literary magazine in its more rustic state: print. Nevertheless, the magazine does not attempt to reject the potential reach provided by electronic media, but rather to take full advantage of both types of media (electronic and print) in order to make itself more relevant to today’s demanding reader.


Artists, writers, and translators who submit their work are the sole owners of the material that they contribute to Hiedra Magazine. All original works, translations, and other contributions are published respecting the rights of their owners.


Hiedra Magazine is distributed in print form locally in Bloomington, IN. To inquire about print copies of Hiedra Magazine or for information about distributing the magazine elsewhere, please feel free to contact us at:




Mark Fitzsimmons / Gaëlle Le Calvez / Guillermo López-Prieto 


Editorial Board


Federico Altamirano Flores / Gustavo Arango / Eric Carbajal / Anke Birkenmaier / Shane Greene / Gaëlle Le Calvez  / José Antonio Galloso / Alejandro Mejías-López / José Ragas / Amanda Smith / Chrystian Zegarra


ISSN: 2328 3653


Hiedra Magazine is a not-for-profit publication,

published in the city of Bloomington, IN, USA. © 2016.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.




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